Monday & Wednesday, Ramsey Center
Mind Body Studio (2nd floor), 6:45-7:45pm

Spring practices begin Wednesday, January 10 and end Wednesday, April 25; no practice will be held on January 15 (MLK Holiday), or March 12 and 14 (Spring Break).

The Mind Body Studio is located behind the Volleyball Arena on the second floor of the Ramsey Center (please see this floor map).

New Members Are Welcome!

How Do I Get Started?

The Budokai, a Recreational Sports club, has offered classes in traditional Japanese karatedo at the University of Georgia since 1982. Classes are open to UGA students, faculty, and staff. No fees are charged for instruction.

What is Shorinji Ryu Karatedo?

Karatedo ("empty hand way") is a traditional Japanese martial art that teaches unarmed methods for self defense and the protection of others. Originally practiced in Okinawa, karatedo was introduced to Japan in the early 20th century and has since spread across the world. Shorinji Ryu is one of many schools or "ryu" of karatedo. The name "Shorinji" pays homage to the Shaolin temple, from which most forms of karatedo claim descent.

The rankings of UGA Budokai instructors and members are certified by the Zen Tohoku Karatedo Kempo Kumiai (All Northern Japan Karatedo and Kempo Union), one of the 47 prefectural organizations that comprise the Japan Karatedo Federation.

Why Practice Karatedo?

All over the world, people practice karatedo for many reasons: for personal security; to improve health and fitness; as a sport; and as a means of personal development. Karatedo differs from other martial arts and combat sports in a number of ways:

For more information about practicing with the Budokai, please use the links at left to explore this web site. You may e-mail the instructors and club officers at uga.budokai@gmail.com.

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